MultiDimensional Image Analysis Group

Topic Overview: 

Main Research Tracks
Multidimensional Image guided orthopedic surgery (in collaboration with BME/UTK)
Multidimensional Image guided radiotherapy (3DCT/3D/4D/CBCT), in collaboration with Med Phys/RADONC/VCU
Research are in multidimensional processing, CT/CBCT reconstruction, segmentation, deformable registration, modeling, visualization, and volumetrics
Multidimensional Image Segmentation and Virtual Navigation (Colonoscopy and Biopsy)
Selected Projects
Image guided othopedics, UTK/BME, over $500 funded from orthopedics companies and in collaboration with Mohamed Mahfouz.
Medical Physics Division, VCU/MCVH, NIH Grant R01 CA116249 of $600K, Image-Guided Integrated Active Breath Hold Radiotherapy. In collaboration with Geoff Hugo.