Historical Review

Systems and Biomedical Engineering (SBME) Department at Cairo University was inaugurated in 1976 and originated from Electrical Engineering (EE) Department. From the first graduation in 1980 till 2018, the number of graduates exceeded 3000 engineers who work in different engineering fields such as medical device design, Biomedical Informatics development, clinical engineering, and maintenance of medical equipments.. As a multi-disciplinary department combining in its study Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Medical science, Biology, Physics, and mathematics, our graduates are unique and equipped with sufficient and strong state of the art knowledge, training and skills that allow them to enter all work fields. The department offers Diploma, Master, and PhD degrees. This year (2015), we have around 300 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students from Egyptian and international citizenships. We have 25 active faculty members and 12 teaching and research assistants with students to faculty ratio of 12.