Department Objectives

The department has specific goals to meet the growing needs of the specialists in the fields of department and to keep up with the rapid developments in the fields of medical devices, systems, and bioinformatics and its impact on the public health. This is within the general framework of the objectives of our honored college and Cairo University. In addition, they will be able by their education and training to meet the market needs and conduct basic and applied research in the multidisciplinary fields of the department. And serving scientific research and the community in large to conduct research and studies to practical solutions in the automation of different state sites including the Ministry of Health, electronic medical records, factories and companies and interconnected bodies in the fields of biomedical engineering. So, here are the department principal objectives

  • To graduate biomedical engineers capable of coping with professional; technical advances; and effectively apply new related technologies.
  • To train graduates on major requirements of the profession (matching improvements in technology) for the improvement of patient care, reviewing and screening requests for new technology and applying, developing, or modifying existing technology to meet current demands of the market.
  • To make the graduate able to set out relevant medical and clinical requirements into technical specifications.
  • To perform quality assurance tests on medical equipment in hospitals and medical centers.
  • To offer professional consultations for medical equipment, hospital design, and health care systems. For more information, visit the department Website at: ""