2nd BECEM 2017

Faculty of Engineering, Social Club

Welcome to the 2nd version of "Biomedical Engineering Careers in the Egyptian Market Conference " (BECEM 2017) 

BECEM 2017 aims: 
-1- Giving the attendee the Theoretical Basics.
-2- Putting the attendee in the Practical Environment to know the Biomedical Engineering careers.
-2- Making the attendee creative in the biomedical fields?! .
-3- Gaining the skills that will make the attendee qualified enough to be a proficient engineer in your chosen field.
-4- Making the attendee ready for competing and developing in the field.

It has been noticed that there are a lot who had began to build their own business, so we intend to make a session to guide you about how to study the market and evaluate its needs, also to give you knowledge about how to start and manage your start ups and survive in the market. 

There will be a set of successful stories from the real life of the Egyptian Engineers to provide you the link to the reality of the Egyptian market.

The special part of this event is that you will have the opportunity to “Meet the Leaders” to get full and clear answers about any gaps concerning your plans and how you can start your career in a right way by gaining from their experience and their long journey of success.

The conference will gather a group of speakers who are pioneers in different fields of biomedical engineering, they occupy an effective positions as managers of international companies and hospitals which have a great reputation in Egypt and the middle East.
We will announce the rest of the details on the event so keep in touch ......

The main topics in the conference are :
-1- Clinical Engineering and Medical Planning
-2- Service and Calibration in Biomedical Engineering. 
-3- Sales and Marketing in Biomedical Engineering. 
-4- Biomedical Software in Healthcare Application
-5- Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering

Registration Form is available Now in below link: